Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Meaning of Differences...

Tyler!  Did a great job of making meaning of the differences between Jonas's world and our own.  Can you see how he "extended the meaning of the text" into some observations about the significance of the differences between our world and Jonas's?  Note the text-to-self connections (for example, how he would feel if such rules governed his own free will).  Attaway Tyler, Mr. Mauel

Comparing the world of Jonas to our own -- The Skill of Compare Contrast

Kevin demonstrated several skills on his compare/contrast assignment. (Attaway Kevin!) First, he commented or made an Observation of a difference (in other words, he responded to the prompt). Second, he provided two pieces of evidence (one from the text, the other from his own world). I liked how Kevin organized his logbook too -- it set the problems up so that as he read, he simply made observations and provided evidence throughout. Well done! - Mr. Mauel