Sunday, February 8, 2009

The weather is sunny with a high of 82 in the Land...

Of Five out of Five. Bridgette kicked some serious **** on her booktalk. Click the book if you want to see an example of what that looks like. Notice how often it seems she is commenting on words or phrases. (cc). Nice thinking and nice writing, Bridgette. I like how many quotes you used.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Jackie from period 2 earned five out of five in comparing/contrasting Outsiders (the book) with Outsiders (the movie). Notice how she used her Response to set up similiarities and differences. Do you see how she has five quotes (from the book) and five concrete details (from the movie) to prove her thinking? Nicely done, Jackie.

...What is the Most Likely Reason ___?

Welcome him. The weather is 95 degrees on the beach in the Land of Five out of Five. Mason earned five out of five because he used his Response to the Prompt to set up his answer to the prompt (1); i..e., the reason his character is pursuing his/her goal; and (2) also set up his response to include two (2) details, i.e., quotes, to provide evidence for his reason. Nice work, Mason.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Da Four (4) Expectations

So for Thursday/Friday, here are da four expectations:

1. BP Ratio: Copy and paste a body paragraph (from My Best Times Essay on my blog) to word, label sentences (CDs,CMs, TS,), then copy and paste that BP to my site as a comment with your name on it (You will see a “comment” button beneath My Best Time Essay Sample)

2. Writing Territory Essay #2: Create an entry in your TOC/Assignment Page: Prewrite WT #2. Write your essay in word (on PC), than publish this to your blog with a picture and print it out (make sure 4 things are in the upper right hand corner)

3. Conclusion for Best Times Essay: publish a conclusion for your Best Times Essay (see my site for an example of the three things you need)

4. FOR NEXT CLASS: bobbers plus a symbol of your Best Time.