Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amazing Booktalks- Grace and Ashley

Check out Grace and Ashley's booktalks (click on either the books or their names). There are so many of you doing amazing jobs on these. Here are just a few examples of how they did their work. Do you have to do yours like this? Of course not. You be you. You think the way you want. Just make sure you meet the book talk expectations (in your logbook notes and also downloadable from my swift site). Why should mom and dad care? Well, there are lots of WASL skills in there but more than that, it helps you get deeper meaning out of the text. Have good days, Mr. Mauel

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm in the Land of 5 out of 5! Character Development

By Sara period 4

R: The best word to describe Bella the main character in my book is understanding as shown in the following two details.
Q: " I decided it didn't matter..."
S: (Twilight. pg, 184)
C1: Bella is trying to convince Edward he can tell her the truth on what he is. She is trying to explain that it doesn't matter if he is a vampire.
C2: This shows Bella is understanding because, she isn't going to judge him if he is a vampire.
R: The second quote to show Bella is understanding.
Q: "So am I, I told you is doesn't matter what you are."
S: (Twilight. pg, 190)
C1: Bella won't give up on telling Edward she doesn't care if hes a vampire.
C2: Bella wants Edward to know she understands if he is a vampire. She won't stop being friends with him because of it.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Main Conflict- student 5 out of 5

R:The main conflict in my reading today was man vs. man based on the following quotes.
Q: "I laid him out with a second punch in the very same eye." (Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites, p. 29)

C: Jim got in a fight with Greg because Greg was making fun of Jim for standing up for Garth, so Jim got angry at Greg and punched him.

C2: Jim's anger at Greg (man vs. man) comes from Greg's rudeness towards Garth and Jim's sense of right and wrong.
R: There was another man vs. man conflict in my story based on the following quotes.
Q: "If you even once slow us down, I'll take your flashlight and leave you in the dark. (Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites, p. 47)
C: Jim's sister found out about him exploring frost caves so she decided to come with. Jim didn't want her with him so he got angry at her because he thought that she'd slow them down, but she knew she wouldn't.
C2: Jim's anger at Jenny (Man vs. Man) comes from his lack of trust towards Jenny and Jenny's presence.

By: Christina

Main Confict - student example 5 out of 5

R: The main conflict in my reading today was man vs. self based on the following quotes.
Q: ''...father for betraying her mother and their family, or Emilia for taking him away..."
S: (Shakespeare's Daughter pg. 50)
C: Susannah just found out about Emilia's affair with her father and she is terribly angry about the whole thing.
C2: This is a man vs. self conflict because Susannah is dealing with her feelings about Emilia and her father.
R: I have another quote showing a man vs. self conflict in my reading.
Q: "The thoughts circled around in her mind like the wheels of a carriage."
S: (Shakespeare's Daughter, Pg. 52)
C: Susannah has conflicting thoughts about her love for Tom, she is not sure whether these feelings are real or whether she is tricking herself. She believes that she may not be able to trust her self.
C2: This shows a man vs. self conflict because Susannah is conflicted by her own thoughts and feelings, and she is not sure that she can trust herself.
By Cassandra, period 4

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blogger Expectations for our i-learning community

3.2.1. Good morning/afternoon Class!
In an effort to maintain and improve the safety of our i-learning community, I thought it would be a good idea to put down in writing what we talked about when we set up our blogs. Will you please check the following blogger expectations for our classes? Now that we are off and running, let's make sure we help keep each other's blogs in line with our classroom blogger expectations (for example, no last names). If you or your folks have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to contact me. This has some amazing potential but we are all learning how to do this together. That means we all need to to contribute to make our i-learning community a safe learning place. We will review these goals once again as a class on Friday/Monday (12/5 & 12/8).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Periods 1,2,3: You all held it DOWN!

Nice job classes. Here is your readylist:

1. Have you? Added pictures to your profile?

2. Followed and subscribed to my site?

3. Allowed for others to follow and subscribe to your site?

Peace Out Brown Trout, Mr. Mauel

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome Mr. Mauel Students!

Welcome students! And welcome to the Land of Five out of Five. Your goals for the day are simple:

1. Create your blog using Then, personalize it with pictures and information about yourself.

2. Post a Comment. You will see it at the bottom of this blog (I will review it and post it for others to see).

3 Follow and Subscribe to my blog so you may be kept up to date on classroom surprises, assignments, and "how to's" that will support your learning and growth as a writer and reader.

4. First Assignment: AFTER you have created your blog (a); posted a comment on my page (b) and followed my page (c); you will do ONE THING: create a Book Talk and post it on YOUR blog (with an image from your book). Did you know the booktalk format is in your logbook? It is also on my Swift website in the "Documents" folder.