Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Da Four (4) Expectations

So for Thursday/Friday, here are da four expectations:

1. BP Ratio: Copy and paste a body paragraph (from My Best Times Essay on my blog) to word, label sentences (CDs,CMs, TS,), then copy and paste that BP to my site as a comment with your name on it (You will see a “comment” button beneath My Best Time Essay Sample)

2. Writing Territory Essay #2: Create an entry in your TOC/Assignment Page: Prewrite WT #2. Write your essay in word (on PC), than publish this to your blog with a picture and print it out (make sure 4 things are in the upper right hand corner)

3. Conclusion for Best Times Essay: publish a conclusion for your Best Times Essay (see my site for an example of the three things you need)

4. FOR NEXT CLASS: bobbers plus a symbol of your Best Time.


Lil' T said...

dude, you have to tell me where you got that pic. it is amazing.

Kylie said...

Ha ha lol! the funniest thing that ever happen thing that happened to me was while eating cake during my birthday party when we were eating chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. Well while I was cutting cake I let Mollie and Chloe scoop ice cream so was just about to give Chloe the scoop then I thought Chloe and pointy objects. Then gave the scoop to Mollie. Then we sat down to eat then me and Mollie started to talk in funny voices that made all of us laugh.. then me and Mollie started making jokes in the funny voices while Chloe was eating chocolate ice cream. Then all a sudden we hear Chloe say ‘I have chocolate ice cream up my nose” me and Mollie start cracking up laughing so hard we almost off the chairs.

DaMoN fUnK said...

One time when me and my little brother Antoine were at blockbuster with my dad and we all checked out a movie and this was about 5 years ago so go up to the cashier and there was this over wieght lady in front of us my little brother was trying to get by he said exuse me fat lady, she got mad at him she looked like she wanted to eat him so he try to get away my dad found out what had happened and beat him in the store i was laughing the whole time!