Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Mauel's Creative Writing Contest

Entry Rules - 7 of Them:

  1. Expositional Essay Rules (i.e., organization, content, etc.)

  2. Sit in the same row as your team members (LIONS, TIGERS, BEARS, OH MYS).

  3. ONE CAPTAIN FROM EACH TIME: Receive E-MAILS from your other TEAM members. In your e-mail, include your name and e-mail address.

  4. Example: Paul Mauel - pmauel@tahoma.wednet.edu

  5. SEND e-mails to CAPTAINS

  6. CAPTAINS, SEND E-MAIL TO ME AND YOUR TEAMMATES with EVERYONE'S email in the Subject: line of your email.

  7. Turn off your computers and take out your log-books.

Next Steps:

  1. YOU choose the topic from your Writing Territories.

  2. Create an Entry in your TOC/Assignment Page: Pre-Write for Essay Contest.

  3. PRE-WRITE: Generate 2-3 CDs and (CMS on those CDs) per body paragraph (See example).

  4. Get Stamped. That stamp is permission to turn on your computer.

  5. Pre-Write is to be done and stamped in your Logbook before you can begin typing.

  6. Once your pre-write is stamped, you will be assigned a contest number. Keep your contest number a secret!!

  7. wRiTInG THE ESSAY: You must use at least two metaphors and two similes - otherwise, you will be disqualified

  8. Writing Contest Entries shall be due March 12th (typed, double-spaced and stapled), 2009 at 2:15pm with FOUR THINGS IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER [of your header]: 1) YOUR CONTEST NUMBER (not name), 2) period number, 3) date, and 4) team name.

  9. LAST 10 MINUTES: PRIVACY SETTINGS DISCUSSION FOR CONTEST. Everyone go to Dashboard/Settings/Permissions. Only People I Choose, Copy and Paste Your Teammates's email addresses + your parent's + Mr. Mauel's (pmauel@tahoma.wednet.edu) into your allowed list. THEN, go to Dashboard/Edit My Profile (no last names, no ages, no mention of Tahoma or Maple Valley). Watch pictures!

  10. Everyone will post their Essays (along with a symbolic image) to their blogs once Top Ten finishers have been recognized.



[:SaMmI T.:] said...

It was a hot summer day in federal way, sitting on the porch playing dress up with my friends. When suddenly I saw Desha running up my drive way like she robed the bank! Come to find out she did steal some thing, but it wasn’t from the bank but it was from her mom!!! But stealing from her mom is like stealing from the bank. Because, the consequence is bad!!! Well for her at least. It was her moms make up bag. She had a lot of eye shadow, different color eye liner etc… But most of all she had this big bottle of lotion. Or so I thought!? Any ways they started using on there arms and legs and the hair came off. (One would think if your friends hair came off of there legs and arms why would you put it on the hair of your eye brows?) So they wanted to try it on me. They said they would see if it would work on my eye brows. “It would make it soft!!!” Next thing you now I was staring at Freddie cougar!! I had no eye brows and on top of that I got a sun burn all over my face from the sun! My mom, dad and aunt were so mad at me for sitting there like a dummy. So from this I learned to never use lotion on my eye brows!!!

Brianna said...

One of my funniest moments was with my friend Lena. Lena plays on my soccer team and most of my funniest moments are with her. So one day after our soccer game I went over to Lena's house to spend the night. We really wanted to go see Friday the 13th, but her mom had other plans. Mary, her mom, wanted to go see a magic show. Lena and I didn't want to see it so her mom made us a deal. If we went to this magic show with her then she would take us to the movie. So we thought it was a good deal and the magic show would be over in no time. I mean it only started at 7 o'clock how long could it take? Soon to our despare we found out it didn't end till 9:30. Even though this dredful upset, we still wanted to go. mary thought it was too late. Lena was going from a happy child to a 3 year old with a tantrum arising. Lena began to fight her mom for us to go to the movie. Mary on the other hand didnt want to hear it. So Mary began to yell back. Focused on the fight, Mary began to swurve while driving the car. She was like a wild wildabeast not giving up on his kill. I was so scared of dying that I just sat there quietly hoping it would all end soon. From that day on, Lena and I will never go to a mgaic show with her mom again.