Monday, January 11, 2010

Expositional Essay Prompts

Self-Scavenger Hunt for Writing Topics

· Best thing(s) that have ever happened to you:
· Worst thing(s) that have ever happened to you
· Thing(s) that you are proud of:
· Most memorable moment(s) with family and/or friends:
· Learning experiences in life or school:
· Funny moment(s) that still bring a smile:

FOCUS POINTS OF THE DAY: (all/Mauel/your class/writing prompts)

  1. MLA Style - see class example
  2. Conclusions: See your class's folder in the public drive.
  3. Due typed, double spaced, 11 point font end of class.

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Vicky Pen. said...

What a pity I'm French : I wish I had taken part in it! Watch my blog anyway if you had time, according to your descriptions about skills, you may enjoy !