Monday, October 17, 2011

WITI and Importance -- A tool to help you think with complexity

For those that seek to visit the Land of 5 out of 5: An excellent tool for creating elaboration and complexity of thinking is to ask yourself WITI. (See the thought balloon?) WITI: Why Is This Important? WITI is a "thinking tool" that helps you systemically connect your evidence (in this case a quote and source using MLA) to the prompt. It does this by encouraging you to (a) reflect on the prompt and your evidence; and then, (b) after each progression of your thinking, ask yourself, "Why Is This Important (to answer the prompt completely)?" WITI helps generate commentary and comments on evidence/commentary to deepen your reply and the significance of your response. You will see some great examples of WITI (look for words or phrases circled in clouds!) in student work here. Attaway writers and readers!

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