Monday, December 8, 2008

Main Confict - student example 5 out of 5

R: The main conflict in my reading today was man vs. self based on the following quotes.
Q: ''...father for betraying her mother and their family, or Emilia for taking him away..."
S: (Shakespeare's Daughter pg. 50)
C: Susannah just found out about Emilia's affair with her father and she is terribly angry about the whole thing.
C2: This is a man vs. self conflict because Susannah is dealing with her feelings about Emilia and her father.
R: I have another quote showing a man vs. self conflict in my reading.
Q: "The thoughts circled around in her mind like the wheels of a carriage."
S: (Shakespeare's Daughter, Pg. 52)
C: Susannah has conflicting thoughts about her love for Tom, she is not sure whether these feelings are real or whether she is tricking herself. She believes that she may not be able to trust her self.
C2: This shows a man vs. self conflict because Susannah is conflicted by her own thoughts and feelings, and she is not sure that she can trust herself.
By Cassandra, period 4

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