Monday, December 8, 2008

Main Conflict- student 5 out of 5

R:The main conflict in my reading today was man vs. man based on the following quotes.
Q: "I laid him out with a second punch in the very same eye." (Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites, p. 29)

C: Jim got in a fight with Greg because Greg was making fun of Jim for standing up for Garth, so Jim got angry at Greg and punched him.

C2: Jim's anger at Greg (man vs. man) comes from Greg's rudeness towards Garth and Jim's sense of right and wrong.
R: There was another man vs. man conflict in my story based on the following quotes.
Q: "If you even once slow us down, I'll take your flashlight and leave you in the dark. (Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites, p. 47)
C: Jim's sister found out about him exploring frost caves so she decided to come with. Jim didn't want her with him so he got angry at her because he thought that she'd slow them down, but she knew she wouldn't.
C2: Jim's anger at Jenny (Man vs. Man) comes from his lack of trust towards Jenny and Jenny's presence.

By: Christina

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