Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Compare Contrast - Poems and Literature

Here are a couple of examples of good work on compare/contrast constructed responses. Note the use of comparative language to help compare pieces of text (in this case a poem with prose). Nice job Aili and Jackie :)

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~Cassandra~ said...

Reply to: ''Cassandra, that is a really good job on your Compare/Contrast. An A can become an A+ when you state how they are similar. Can you see how you can do it within your R? You can change it and show me. Mr. Mauel -PS Writing Contest Wednesday.''

Is this what you meant:

R: I found a similarity between the kindness described in A Simple Act of Kindness and the kindness Jenny showed Lucy in Don't let me Die.
Q: “…Jenny had dropped everything in her very busy life to be at Lucy’s side.”
S: (Don’t let Me Die p. 7)
C: Lucy’s father died and Jenny comforted her.
C2: This shows how kind Jenny was to Lucy.
Q: “… a trouble person needing a lift out of sinking gravel.”
C: Using a metaphor the author id describing an act of kindness.
C2: This quotes represents what kindness Jenny did in the story.